Angel Delgadillo Interview

Poetry, Prose, and the Purpose Behind Writing

Welcome back! Excitement is in the air today, as we have our second interview with a fellow writer. Say hello to poet and novelist Angel Delgadillo.

CJ: So, Angel, before we get into your current projects, I want to start at the beginning. What spurred your love for creative writing?

AD: Reading. I think lots of writers tend to get inspiration from other writers by reading their work. If I had to give responsibility to one person, it’d be my APUSH teacher from high school who sponsored the book reading club known as project lit.

CJ: That’s awesome! Reading is definitely a big kickstart for lots of young writers, and a good teacher is also invaluable. I too would credit a teacher I had, though mine was middle school English. Until recently, you’ve shared a lot of poetry on your Instagram. Why poetry in particular?

AD: Well let’s start with music, in a way, music and the lyrics written for music is poetry itself. I could never get into songwriting, but I knew I wanted to fit a brief narrative writing into my life and poetry is one of the ways I knew how to.

CJ: Definitely. Your poems do have a very lyrical quality, but I understand not turning them into actual songs. Music is a whole different skill set entirely, and I’ve struggled greatly trying to turn poems into songs. Now, you hinted at a big project coming up. Care to share what you’re working on?

AD: Yes, of course. Over the course of the next two years, I will be developing my novel to the best of my abilities as well as making a poetry collection. In a way, those two projects will have sister qualities. Qualities such as suffering, hope, desperation.

CJ: They sound fascinating. Any hint of what you hope to show your future readers through these themes?

AD: People who know me, know that I tend to be pessimistic on a literary aspect. I like to read sad novels and write about sad stories. And so I thought why not publish one of these stories to not necessarily reinvent tragedy as a whole, but reinvent tragedy for myself and anyone who would identify themselves with the heartbreak involved in this novel.

CJ: I see. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of readers who identify with those themes. Have you thought about whether you would want to publish your novel traditionally, or go the self-publishing route? Which option appeals to you and why?

AD: I’d want to go the traditional route just because you can get more exposure that way, it is much more expensive, but I know in the end, it'd be worth getting my story out there.

CJ: I see. Going the traditional route definitely has its advantages when it comes to exposure and connections. Best of luck! Any plans for what comes after this novel?

AD: I have the blueprint of my story laid out. I have the full intention of writing a sequel book with the possibility of making it into a trilogy series if the story proves too big to tell it in two books.

CJ: Nice! It sounds like you’re a very organized plotter, which definitely comes in handy in the long run. One of the things I want to highlight on this blog is the power of good fiction in our culture, and how writers can influence so much with the stories they tell. What does it mean to you to be a writer in this day and age, and what do you hope to tell the world through your stories?

AD: I believe that if you are a writer, you should be writing with a sense of purpose. And I don’t necessarily mean a purpose for others, but yourself. Not everything you write needs to be published, but the work you put out in the world should mean something greater to you. With my story, I hope to ignite the spark of writing for someone else the way other books did for me.

CJ: That’s so true! I think a lot of writers focus on what the story will mean to other people, but knowing why it’s important to you is equally as vital. We’re nearing the end of our interview, but before we sign off, where can people find you?

AD: Instagram is @angelviewsss. I also do photography that you can find on that page as well.

CJ: That’s our interview for this month. Thanks so much to Angel for agreeing to speak to me today! I’ll be back next month with a super special guest, but until then, fly safe, everybody!