Aurora G Rain Interview

CJ: Hello Humans! I have a super special guest to welcome this month. Author of Elven Cursed and When I Sign the Rock, co-founder of the Silver Arc blog, please welcome Aurora G. Rain! Thanks for being here, Aurora!

AG: Hey C.J.! My pleasure, I’m so thrilled to talk with you today!

CJ: Aurora is a fantasy romance author at heart, but recently she’s been branching off a little with her latest project. Before we get into that, care to introduce yourself?

AG: Sure! Hey y’all, I’m Aurora G. Rain, teen author, blogger, singer, and actress. (A bunch of titles, I know haha. I am a very busy person). I have been writing since I was in first grade, and I officially published my first book at 15. I love all things fantasy- throw in a pinch (or a gallon) of romance- and anything magical.

CJ: What is it that draws you to the fantasy romance genre specifically?

AG: I am personally a bit of a rule breaker, and the fantasy genre gives me that freedom to do whatever I want with my writing. I can have aspects of my book defy the rules of physics, of nature, or whatever I wish to give a new appearance to. Heck, if I want a blue fire horse, so be it. You can do whatever you want with fantasy because YOU are the creator of that world- YOU make the rules.

As for romance? I am an absolute hopeless romantic at heart. I romanticize everything and cry over every love story. I love sweet, meaningful interactions between humans because it gives me a fluttery feeling in my heart, and by writing romance, I can write what gives me the most butterflies.

CJ: What can you tell us about your upcoming novel?

AG: My next novel is going to be a dark fantasy novel (sorry to my younger fanbase, this book will be for around 13+) based around a false self fulfilled prophecy. It covers the story of a girl who’s fate was foretold at her birth- she would be a horrible Villain. But this her fate was foretold by a fake prophet, so in reality it should have amounted to nothing, and yet the people of the kingdom believed the prophecy. As most people would do when told of someone’s evil future, everyone around her then treats her horribly when she grows up, scared of everything she does. The story follows the girl’s Villain origin story as she shares the abuse and mistreatment that made her into the Villain.

CJ: Interesting! What inspired you to write this story, and what do you hope readers take away from it?

AG: Villain’s inspiration is a little wonky if I’m being honest. At first, it started off as a story about favoritism and how one princess was treated better than the other, hence turning the least favorite princess into a bitter, jealous Villain. The original inspiration was actually drawn from past school experience if Im being honest ahaha. I used to attend a school that was very favoritism oriented (Luckily I left and am thriving at a new school), and unless you were in a certain circle of people, you weren’t treated the best- to put it simply. It was a good basis to start my story off of, but I knew it wouldn;t be enough to make a convincing Villain, so gradually I made the story a little darker and more drastic until it seemed right.

As for what I hope Readers will take away, I have two things. One, always treat people with kindness. Words and actions hurt and leave a lasting impression (Cough cough, enough for me to make a passive aggressive book about it after at least 5 years lol), so always choose kindness. Secondly, I want you to really analyze Marian’s actions. Do you agree with what she’s done, why or why not? I know she is a very morally grey character (okay fine like. A really, REALLY dark grey but still), but I want everyone to see where she is coming from and take her past into account. It’s not so much me giving you a take away as you creating your own take away, but I just really love morally grey character’s and wnat you to think on Marian for a bit. :)

CJ: I know one of the things you strive to do with the Silver Arc blog is inspire and encourage young writers. What’s one big piece of advice you’d give to any young writer?

AG: Don’t take no for an answer when it comes to your dream career. Just because an opportunity doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean you aren’t meant to have that career. It just means that specific opportunity wasn’t right for you. Don’t give up just because life seems unfair for a bit. Keep pushing forward and working hard to reach your goals, because hard work will never betray you.

CJ: [in case you want to plug ;)] Where can people find you?

AG: I have a few different platforms! You can find me on Instagram at ‘@aurora.g.rain’, or on 2 different Youtube Channels :). My personal channel is Aurora G. Rain, but you can also find me on my shared channel with T.C. Arc, Silver Arc Blog.