How to Get in the Writing Mood (and stay there)

Howdy Humans! I feel a little off posting actual writing advice on here, because I'm so new and there are plenty of more qualified people offerring their actual expertise. That being said, I can't exclusively post interviews, can I? So, what I'm giving you this week is just something I've learned recently and found super helpful. I don't have a vast wealth of knowledge to share, but I am learning and improving all the time, so what I can do is show you the latest super-helpful tip I picked up. If you're a writer, maybe this will help you out! And if not, well, thanks for being here anyway.

So, how to get in the writing mood, and how to make it last? The answer turned out to be refreshingly simple. To put yourself in the mood, you have to immerse yourself in your story. That means utilizing images and sounds to give yourself the feeling of being there, like your book is a movie and you can't tear your eyes from the screen.

Practically, that means two things:

Playlists: All movies have a soundtrack, and so should your book. You can look up playlists for writing, or curate one that fits the vibe of your project. For me, that means listening to a lot of electronic/sci-fi ambient stuff. My New Cov. writing playlist has grown like crazy since I found out that listening to (mostly instrumental) music while I write actually helps! The trick here is knowing whether or not you can handle lyrics. Personally, songs with lyrics tend to distract me from the words I'm supposed to be writing. Do a little digging on Spotify or wherever you listen to music, and you're sure to find something perfect! I mean, who knew sci-fi ambient playlists were even a thing?

Images: This is nothing revolutionary, but Pinterest is a great resource for writing inspiration. Just find a lot of images that fit the setting or scene you are about to write, and if you immerse yourself in the pictures, it might help you to feel more connected to the scene.

Personally, I find the playlsits to be much more helpful than the images, probably because I can listen to music while writing, but I can’t necessarily be looking at my Pinterest board. The key is to really make yourself feel like it’s a movie, and you are in it.

Anyway, thats just what I've learned recently. Thanks for reading, and as always, fly safe, everybody!