Petra Promise Interview

Convictions and Fighting Perfectionism

CJ: It’s that time again! For this month’s interview, I’m excited to introduce you guys to the fantastic Petra Promise. Welcome to the blog, Petra! Before we get started, would you care to tell us a little bit about your origins as a writer?

PP: Hi! I’m Petra Promise. :) Even as a young child I had an interest in storytelling, though back in those days I shared them mostly in the form of bedtime stories that I told my siblings. Then I began to write occasionally- a couple short stories for school, a longer story supposed to be a gift for my sister, the first draft of a novel set in Ancient Rome... About two years ago, something sparked in me that began my serious interest in story writing as a hobby. I threw myself in- watching YouTube videos, signing up for newsletters, and reading articles. This sudden urge to learn all about writing taught me so much that I know now.

CJ: I love that! I experienced a similar thing following a short story assignment in seventh grade. Was there one moment that cemented your conviction to be a boldly Christian author?

PP: Yes, and it happened around the same time I threw myself into story writing. I suddenly began thinking how my story writing was quite useless and a waste of time- not only my time but also that of my readers! I was disappointed, thinking I shouldn’t write anymore. Then I began to realize that writing didn’t have to be a waste of time. I could use stories to teach lessons and reach people. At first, writing with a purpose was kinda a burden but now it’s a passion!! I don’t want to create anything useless anymore.

CJ: Absolutely! Once you discover that purpose, writing becomes so much more fulfilling. Even so, it’s not without struggles. What has been one of your biggest challenges so far?

PP: As I mentioned above, learning to write with a purpose was a big growth in my author life. Another thing, one that I’m constantly suffering with, is perfectionism. Writers, don’t let perfectionism control you! Perfectionism can prevent you from writing, when actually writing is what makes you better.

CJ: Amen! Perfectionism has definitely slowed me down, and overcoming it is one of the most valuable lessons a writer can learn. One thing I really admire about Petra is her boldness when it comes to Christian authorship. What advice do you have for young writers who might be hesitant to make their convictions known?

PP: Be bold. Who are you writing for? The most important thing is to write the story GOD wants you to write. When it’s all been said and done, it’s not the reviews or glory you get that counts. It’s those you’ve inspired for the better, those you pointed to JESUS, the small changes you’ve made through ink on paper. Imagine your work being tested through the fire. Would it burn away or is there gold in it? (Remember: While it is important for stories to have a purpose, don’t be harsh on yourself. Writing is a journey and you’ll learn as you go.)

CJ: I love the analogy of gold in the fire. As daunting as that may sound, I think it’s easier to plant nuggets of gold in your novel than many people think. You’ve obviously done a lot of your own research when it comes to writing. Who are some of your biggest influences? Any favorite authors?

PP: Some big influences... I’d like to recommend watching Claire Fraise on YouTube. Though I don’t read horror or ghost thrillers, she has some amazing tips for authors (for teens in particular). Another good Youtuber is Bethany Atazadeh, who talks a lot on self publishing.

CJ: I’ll have to check those out! Where can people find you?

PP: People can find me on Instagram @author_petra_promise. Check out my account and give it a follow. Feel free to DM me for writing advice or encouragement!

CJ: That’s all we have for today, but thank you, Petra, for agreeing to be here! Definitely keep your eyes on Petra, we need more creators and authors like her! Until next time, fly safe, everybody!