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Favorite Sci-Fi tropes.

Hey guys! Hope y’all had a good week. Mine has been a blur since the cover reveal for Exodus... I’m STILL squealing, it’s just so cool 😁. Anyways, since then I’ve been busy uploading files to have the book ready for preorder on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and it’s now available on both of those sites! In celebration of this sci-fi release, I thought I’d tell you some of my favorite sci-fi tropes and the reasons why I love the genre. So, here are my top 5 favorite things about science fiction!

”The Crew” (aka SPACE PIRATES)

Oftentimes with sci-fi, a story will be set on a spaceship and center around the crew of said ship. Or maybe a group of characters gradually comes together over the course of the story. Either way, the crew dynamic is one of my favorite tropes in sci-fi, or any genre really. Probably explains my thing for pirates. It’s nice to see a group of people who have learned to work together seamlessly, even better when they start to form personal connections and become a sort of found family. Gosh, I’m a sucker for found family. Wonder what that says about me as a person.

Mind Games

My favorite, favorite thing to see is a character at their most vulnerable, facing their worst fears or confronting their deepest desires. Sci-fi exploits this trope well, whether it be through the use of telepathic characters, mind-probing technology, or what have you. The possibilities are pretty endless and the explanations get pretty creative, but I love the sci-fi genre‘s constant willingness to confront characters with such situation.

”The Doctor”

Have you seen Stargate? No? Mayhaps Star Trek? I’m currently watching Voyager, and the sassy holographic doctor is probably my favorite thing about the show. I’ve noticed that in sci-fi, whenever you have a crew, you usually have a doctor character who tends to the medical needs of said crew. Whether they are an actual medical professional or just the one who carried the first aid kit, I’ve realized I tend to really like the “doctor” characters. Perhaps it’s the touch of medical drama their presence adds, or the way they are forced to constantly adapt to situations that were not covered in medical school. Let’s hear it for sci-fi doctors!

The Human Race

This is by far one of the most hopeful aspects of scI-fi. In stories involving alien society or perhaps a coalition of worlds, Humans/Earth tend to represent themselves as a cohesive unit. I know this is probably done to make things easier on an author- after all, who wants to detail the leader of every country of every world of every alien society? Better to condense it down to one representative. But despite it being a quick fix, I really like the idea that we Earthlings are eventually able to set aside our differences and see each other for how similar we are. We are all human. We are all one people. To me, that hope of unity is a beautiful thing.

Endless Frontier

Space. It’s the final frontier. What I love about sci-fi is that at its core, it constantly hints at the explorative nature of humans. Whether the future of humanity is painted in a positive light, or a negative one in which humanity is its own downfall, I love the exploration of man’s future. I also love the different directions sci-fi can take: prophetic and dour predictions about the downfall of man, or adventures featuring aliens, exploration, and discovery. Personally, the latter is my jam.

Sci-fi has always been a genre I’m thoroughly comfortable with, but I know some people tend to avoid it. All I have to say is, sci-fi can be as human and engaging as any fantasy adventure, and anyone who doesn’t at least try it is missing out.

That’s all for this week, folks. When next we meet, Exodus will have been officially released!!

Until then, fly safe, and get ready for the official release!

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